Appale CD Box.jpg
by Mizutani Yuuko
Released 23(24) December 1992
Language Japanese
Label King Records
Catalog number KICS-282
Appale CD Box Contents

"Appale" is an album of songs sung by Mizutani Yuuko, voice actress of Omitsu. On this CD, Pururun's voice actress Orikasa Ai joins her to sing a new mix of YASU-keku Nai!
[In some tracklists the song present as YASU-けくナイ! (ニュー・ヴァージョン)]


YASU-けくナイ! (New Version)
Album Appale
Language Japanese
Artist Mizutani Yuuko (水谷優子), Orikasa Ai (折笠愛)
Lyricist Owari-no-kami Arakawa NEN-Q-no-shin (尾張守荒川NEN-Q之進)
Composer Takei Hiroyuki (武井浩之)
Arrangement Katou Michiaki (加藤みちあき)

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