Gattai Ninpou ("Combination Ninja Techniques") is perfomed by Otasuke Members by combining their equipment to form various weapons.

Ninpou nameOtasuke members, whose equipment is usedShown in episodesPicture of weapon
Assembled In Use
Kamikaze RotorGotton and Mietoru27, 28, 42
Gattai Ninpou - Kamikaze Rotor (Assembled)
Gattai Ninpou - Kamikaze Rotor (In use)
Mizu Machine GunRikinoshin and Nekki 28, 42
Gattai Ninpou - Mizu Machine Gun (Assembled)
Gattai Ninpou - Mizu Machine Gun (In Use)
Otasuke BomberAll Otasuke Members 28, 30
Gattai Ninpou - Otasuke Bomber (Assembled)
Gattai Ninpou - Otasuke Bomber (In Use)
See also: Otasuke Ninpou

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