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Himitsu Ninjatai Yankii (秘密忍者隊ヤンキー - Secret Ninja Team Yankii) are the Nyakii counterparts from the New York.

Himitsu Ninjatai Yankii

Himitsu Ninjatai Yankii - Madonna, Michael and Prince

First appearance - 39th episode when Nyankii went to America to meet them. Second (brief) appearance - in the end of 53th episode.

Himitsu Ninjatai Yankii include:

  • Michael - leader of the team. He is Yattaro's counterpart. He uses Nyan-Nyan Magnum (Revolver) with

pinpoint accuracy. Magnum can be used to perfom Kyattsu Ai Shuutingu - Michael`s Hissatsu attack. He and Yattaro didn't see eye-to-eye at first but have soon learned to work together to save their comrades.

  • Madonna. A tall and curvaceous she-cat who uses a whip. She is Pururun's counterpart and is arguably the more attractive one to Yattaro and Sukashii.
  • Prince. A suave and agile cat. Weapon: Rapier. He is Sukashii's counterpart. Unlike his counterpart, Prince is handsome, attractive, and more successful in romance as he is able to attract Pururun.

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