Below is the list of KNT-related events. To see the events for a particular month, click the corresponding link.

Today is 23 July 2017, Sunday
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20 January 2017
Tamagawa Sakiko's Birthday

Tamagawa Sakiko


1 February 2017
Kyattou Ninden Teyandee Anniversary

Himitsu Ninja Tai Nyankii

1 February 2017
Horikawa Ryou's Birthday

Horikawa Ryou

7 February 2017
Matsumoto Yasunori's Birthday

Matsumoto Yasunori


8 March 2017
Akahori Satoru's Birthday

Akahori Satoru

22 March 2017
Mana Anju's Birthday

Mana Anju

28 March 2017
Honda Chieko's Birthday

Honda Chieko

29 March 2017
Ogata Kenichi's Birthday

Ogata Kenichi


23 April 2017
Kawai Kenji's Birthday

Kawai Kenji

24 April 2017
Kikuchi Masami's Birthday

Kikuchi Masami


5 May 2017
Koyasu Takehito's Birthday

Koyasu Takehito

10 May 2017
Yanada Kiyoyuki's Birthday

Yanada Kiyoyuki

23 May 2017
Yamaguchi Kappei's Birthday

Yamaguchi Kappei


17 June 2017
Yamadera Kouichi's Birthday

Yamadera Kouichi

22 June 2017
Maruo Tomoko's Birthday

Maruo Tomoko


1 July 2017
Itabashi Ami's Birthday

Itabashi Ami

25 July 2017
Takagi Wataru's Birthday

Takagi Wataru

30 July 2017
Horiuchi Kenyuu's Birthday

Horiuchi Kenyuu

31 July 2017
Furuya Tooru's Birthday

Furuya Tooru


2 August 2017
Hayami Shou's Birthday

Hayami Shou

18 August 2017
Shioya Kouzou's Birthday

Shioya Kouzou

25 August 2017
Sawaki Ikuya's Birthday

Sawaki Ikuya


8 September 2017
Tatsuta Naoki's Birthday

Tatsuta Naoki

21 September 2017
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen CD
Release Anniversary

Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Cover


1 October 2017
Sotsu Foundation Anniversary


19 October 2017
Tatsunoko Production
Foundation Anniversary

Tatsunoko Seahorse

24 October 2017
Hara Kazuhiro's Birthday

Hara Kazuhiro

25 October 2017
Ike Takeshi's Birthday

File:Ike Takeshi.jpg


4 November 2017
Mizutani Yuuko's Birthday

Mizutani Yuuko

8 November 2017
Noritaka Suzuki's Birthday

File:Noritaka Suzuki.jpg

12 November 2017
Yamakawa Etsuko's Birthday

Yamakawa Etsuko

14 November 2017
Koorogi Satomi's Birthday

Koorogi Satomi

20 November 2017
Shimada Bin's Birthday

Shimada Bin

21 November 2017
Kawamura Maria's Birthday

Kawamura Maria


8 December 2017
Shimamoto Sumi's Birthday

Shimamoto Sumi

12 December 2017
Orikasa Ai's Birthday

Orikasa Ai

18 December 2017
Shibamoto Hiroyuki's Birthday

Shibamoto Hiroyuki

19 December 2017
Kashiwakura Tsutomu's Birthday

Kashiwakura Tsutomu

19 December 2017
Kosugi Jurouta's Birthday

Kosugi Jurouta

21 December 2017
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen CD
Release Anniversary

Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - CD Cover

31 December 2017
Kageyama Yumi's Birthday

File:Kageyama Yumi.jpg

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