Karakara Ninpou is a special attack perfomed by Karamaru, Yami noYon Nin Shu or crows

Ninpous by Karamaru

Ninpou name: Hi no Tori
Description: A Bird of Fire
Shown in episodes: 37, 54 (as excerpt form 37th)

Karakara Ninpou - Hi no Tori

Ninpou name: Majin Shinkuu Giri
Description: an attack that magically hits the opponent from a distance through thin air
Shown in episodes: 53

Karakara Ninpou - Majin Shinkuu Giri

Ninpous by Yami no Yon Nin Shu

About Ninpou Picture

Ninpou name: Makkurou no Justsu
Description: Yami no Yoninshuu are summoning a giant robot Makkurou
Shown in episodes: 13

Karakara Ninpou - Makkurou no Justsu

Ninpou name: Yami Karasu
Description: Allows the group to fly together, surrounded by a giant bird of black flames
Shown in episodes: 29

Karakara Ninpou - Yami Karasu

Description: A formation that fires a beam, along with an apparition of the Karakara "Flying Skull" emblem
Shown in episodes: 30

Karakara Ninpou 1

Description: Allows the group to move together, surrounded by tornados
Shown in episodes: 33

Karakara Ninpou 2

Description: Yami no Yoninshuu are summoning a giant robot
Shown in episodes: 33

Karakara Ninpou 3

Ninpous by crows

2 Karakara Ninpous were done by crows under Gennarisai`s , management in 50th episode: Here is the order of the events:

Pururun, Suakshii and Gotton were hit by a train and felt inside of it.
Karakara Ninpou (episode 50) - 1
Karakara Ninpou (episode 50) - 2
Gennarisai announces the first Karakara Ninpou
Pururun, Suakshii and Gotton have found a place to sit
Karakara Ninpou (episode 50) - 3
Crows started to offer various goods to Nyanki and thats maked them annoyed.
Karakara Ninpou (episode 50) - 4
Gennarisai announces the second Karakara Ninpou
Nyanki are gone crazy because of crows who won`t finish offering
Karakara Ninpou (episode 50) - 5

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