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2 KNT soundtrack CD was released in Japan in 1990.
Record company: King Records

Kyattou Ninden Teyandee - Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen

(キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ 猫座第一回公演 )
a.k.a. BGM & Drama CD
Release date: 21st September 1990
catalog number: KICA-24

Aside from the opening and closing themes, this CD featured "YASU-keku nai!", Pururun's and Omitsu 's song from the episode in which they became an idol duo, sung by their voice actresses Orikasa Ai and Mizutani Yuuko, a collection of skits centered around Karamaru and one of his Ninja Crows, and a selection of background music from the show.



1. 初級おEDO講座番外編
2. おっとどっこい日本晴れ
3. 秘密忍者隊ニャンキー参上!
4. コーン守と幻ナリ斎のアホ企み
5. 初級おEDO講座 1「カラス長屋の夜は更けて…」
6. 腹がへってもヤッ太郎
7. YASU-けくナイ!(唄)
8. 商売繁盛ピザキャット
9. ざ・らいばる[カラ丸VSニャンキー]
10. 初級おEDO講座 2「リアリズムへの長き道」
11. メカEDO城危機一髪!ぱふー
12. 必殺!猫目スラッシュ
13. 一富士二鷹三ナスビ
14. 初級おEDO講座 3「正しいピザの頼み方の傾向と対策」
15. To be Yourself (唄)


Track number Artist Romanized title Track length[1]
1 Seiyū Shoukyuu OEDO kouza bangaihen 1:04
2 Yazawa Reina Ottodokkoi Nihonbare (uta) 2:38
3 Kawai Kenji Himitsu ninja tai Nyankii sanjou! 4:30
4 Kawai Kenji Koon-no-kami to Gen'narisai no aho dakumi 3:59
5 Seiyū Shoukyuu OEDO kouza 1 'Karasu nagaya no yo wa akete...' 6:52
6 Kawai Kenji Hara ga hette mo Yattarou 3:58
7 Mipple (Orikasa Ai, Mizutani Yuuko) YASU-keku nai! (uta) 4:25
8 Kawai Kenji Shoubai hanjou Piza Kyatto 3:14
9 Kawai Kenji Za-raibaru 'Karamaru VS Nyankii' 4:20
10 Seiyū Shoukyuu OEDO kouza 2 'Riarizumu e no nagaki michi' 2:39
11 Kawai Kenji MekaEDOjou kiki ippatsu! Pafuu 2:32
12 Kawai Kenji Hissatsu! Neko me surasshu 3:42
13 Kawai Kenji Ichi Fuji ni taka san nasubi 2:36
14 Seiyū Shoukyuu OEDO kouza 3 'Tadashii piza no tanomikata no keikou to taisaku' 9:01
15 Yazawa Reina To be Yourself (uta) 3:24


1. OEDO elementary level course - extra lecture
2. See note [2]
3. Secret ninja team Nyankii at your service! [3]
4. Foolish plan of Koon-no-kami and Gen-narisai
5. OEDO elementary level course - 'A late evening at crow house...'[4]
6. Even hungry, that is Yattarou
7. See note [5]
8. Trading prosperous Pizza Cat
9. The rivals: Karamaru vs Nyankii
10. OEDO elementary level course 2 - 'The long way to realism'
11. Mecha EDO Castle in danger! Pafuu [6]
12. Sure hit! Cats eye slash [7]
13. First Mount Fuji, second a hawk and third an eggplant[8]
14. OEDO elementary level course - 'The correct way to order pizzas: tendencies and counter-measures'
15. To be Yourself (song)


Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Box
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Cover
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Sleeve
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Case Front
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - CD Case Back
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - Front Liner Notes
Nekoza Dai Ikkai Kouen - Back Liner Notes

Kyattou Ninden Teyandee - Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen

(キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ 猫座千秋楽公演)
a.k.a. Music CD
Release date: 21st December 1990
catalog number: KICA-37

This CD included several character songs sung by their voice actors: "Tenka Muteki no Yattarou" by Yattarou's Yamaguchi Kappei, "Adesugata Mecha Cat!" by Sukashii's Kosugi Jurouta, and "Black Fight" by Karamaru's Yamadera Kouichi. Also induced are Pururun's and Omitsu's second idol duo song, "Mikazuki Connection", and a vocal rendition of "finishing attack" background music, "Battle In Flash". Another helping of background music is also featured, as well as opening theme "Ottodokkoi Nihonbare" sung by Usahime's voice actress Kawamura Maria , and closing theme "To Be Yourself" sung by Pururun's voice actress Orikasa Ai.



1. おっとどっこい日本晴れ(ウサ姫 version)
2. 三日月コネクッション
3. てやんでえ Special Express
4. Black Fight
5. 艶姿メカ Cat!
6. Battle In Flash
7. 天下無敵のヤッ太郎
8. To be Yourself (プルルン Version)
9. おっとどっこい日本晴れ (TV サイズ)
10. (音楽劇場・其の一)
11. (音楽劇場・其の二)
12. (音楽劇場・其の三)
13. (音楽劇場・其の四)
14. (音楽劇場・其の五)
15. (音楽劇場・其の六)
16. (音楽劇場・其の七)
17. (音楽劇場・其の八)
18. To be Yourself (TV サイズ)


Track number Artist Romanized title Track length [2]
1 Kawamura Maria Ottodokkoi Nihonbare (Usa Hime version) 2:42
2 Mipple (Orikasa Ai, Mizutani Yuuko Mikazuki Konekushon 3:27
3 Itabashi Ami Teyandee Special Express 3:53
4 Yamadera Kouichi Black Fight 3:31
5 Kosugi Jurouta Adesugata MEKA Cat! 4:04
6 Itabashi Ami Battle in Flash 3:07
7 Yamaguchi Kappei Tenka Muteki no Yattarou 4:04
8 Orikasa Ai To Be Yourself (Pururun version) 3:27
9 Yazawa Reina Ottodokkoi Nihonbare (TV Size) 1:39
10 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Ichi 2:03
11 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Ni 1:44
12 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono San 3:13
13 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Yon 2:12
14 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Go 2:20
15 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Roku 1:09
16 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Nana 2:25
17 Kawai Kenji Ongaku Gekisho: Sono Hachi 1:22
18 Yazawa Reina To Be Yourself (TV size) 1:44


  1. See note [2]
  2. Crescent Moon Connection
  3. Teyandee Special Express
  4. Black Fight
  5. Charming Figure Mecha Cat!
  6. Battle in Flash
  7. Unrivaled Yattarou
  8. To Be Yourself (Pururun version)
  9. See note [2]
  10. Musical Theater: The First
  11. Musical Theater: The Second
  12. Musical Theater: The Third
  13. Musical Theater: The Fourth
  14. Musical Theater: The Fifth
  15. Musical Theater: The Sixth
  16. Musical Theater: The Seventh
  17. Musical Theater: The Eighth
  18. To Be Yourself (TV size)


Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - CD Box
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - CD Case
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - CD Cover
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Front CD Sleeve
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Back CD Sleeve
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Front Liner Notes Drawing
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Front Liner Notes
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Back Liner Notes Drawing
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Back Liner Notes
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - Liner Notes internal side
Nekoza Senshuuraku Kouen - CD Kit


  1. Length is taken from the tracks.
  2. This entire title doesn't have a simple translation. "Otto" is an interjection equivalent to "uh-ho" or "oops". "Dokkoi" is an interjection often used by whom wants to call its spirit of determination, to brings guts. The first 2 verses of the lyrics are: "Ottodokkoi kako (past)" "Ottodokkoi mirai (future)" Perhaps "Ottodokkoi" represents how one feels disconcerted when is looking Edoropolis: at first sight, it looks like Japan of the past; but closer looks reveal futuristic features. "Nihon" (Japan) + "bare" (from "hare" = "sunny day"): represents an exceptionally beautiful weather, with clear and cloudless sky.
  3. Literally "sanjou" is "visiting", but in this context means "we came here to offer our service".
  4. 'nagaya' is a crude and poorly built house.
  5. 'nai' would mean 'do not have' or 'is not'. YASU-keku have no known meaning;
  6. 'Pafuu' is a meaningless word often spoken by Ieie Tokugawa.
  7. 'Hissatsu' is literally 'sure kill'. It refers to Yattarou's ninja technique so powerful that can win and finish any battle (See Neko Me Slash )
  8. In Japan it's believed that one will get very good lucky year if it dreams with Mount Fuji, hawk and eggplant, in that order. To learn more, see this Wikipedia article:

    2 KNT CD Kit Picture

    Kyattou Ninden Teyandee CDs Kit


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