Neko Maneki is one of Pururun`s Nyanki Ninpou attack.

There is a strong magnetic field generator mounted in her arms. This device is activated when the arms is held precisely in a 30 degree angle and posing like the Maneki Neko("Beckoning Cat"). The resulting strong magnetic force will lure the enemy up close. Once the enemy is near enough her powerful claws (that are able to scratch even titanium armor) will lacerate through anything.

Neko Maneki attack is explained by a Narrator and shown in the second chapter of Mecha Mecha Ninpo Hidenchou.

See the video of Neko Maneki perfomances:

Episode 1
thumb|400px|left|Nyanki Ninpou: Neko Maneki
Episode 2
thumb|400px|left|Nyanki Ninpou: Neko Maneki
Episode 2, Mecha Mecha Ninpo Hidenchou
thumb|400px|left|Nyanki Ninpou: Neko Maneki

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